Sam McMillan


Anita McMillan

Came as broken as a marriage can get. Left with a new love and better understanding and trust of the man of my dreams. My husband, my friend.
— Reunited in Love
Coming to HHP is a difficult choice - it calls for vulernability and commitment - but it is one that you will never regret. God is front and center in this ministry. At HHP there is no shame or condemnation, only love - and that’s how I know its from God.
— Found my swing

Ministry Associates & Staff

Sam McMillan Founder  Co-Director/Counselor

Anita McMillan Founder Co-Director/Counselor

Jennifer Hart Office Manager

Sarah Apgar Intake Coordinator/ Counselor

Richard Apgar Counselor

Patty Wilson Counseling Minister  

David Wilson Counseling Minister

Matthew Miller Counselor

Barb Nave Counseling Minister  

Shelley Haney Counseling Minister