Sam McMillan


Anita McMillan

Came as broken as a marriage can get. Left with a new love and better understanding and trust of the man of my dreams. My husband, my friend.
— Reunited in Love
Coming to HHP is a difficult choice - it calls for vulernability and commitment - but it is one that you will never regret. God is front and center in this ministry. At HHP there is no shame or condemnation, only love - and that’s how I know its from God.
— Found my swing

Ministry Associates & Staff

Sam McMillan Founder  Co-Director/Counselor

Anita McMillan Founder Co-Director/Counselor

Jennifer Hart Office Manager

Sarah Apgar Intake Coordinator

Richard Apgar Counseling Minister

Patty Wilson Counseling Minister  

David Wilson Counseling Minister

Matthew Miller Counseling Minister

Barb Nave Counseling Minister  

Shelley Haney Counseling Minister