What types of issues does HHP address?

Some issues for which we see real progress are: marital disharmony including infidelity (affair), divorce recovery, pornography, adult sexual dysfunction and sexual addictions, rape recovery, life management and relational issues (life out of control), recovery from traumatic experiences (PTSD), past childhood abuse (emotional, physical or sexual) which interrupts life, inordinate anger, depression, anxiety, burnout, dishonesty, grief processing, parenting problems, career disillusionment and direction, strife, self-worth issues, financial bondage/mismanagement, moral failure, and financial misconduct.

  • What makes HHP unique?

    First and foremost, our ministry is 99% one-on-one instead of group. Our ministry approach is a combination of diagnostic listening, spiritual surgery for root causes, focused prayer and transactional healing. Many of our guests experience healing and true freedom from deep struggles that did not respond to hourly counseling or group therapy. Together with you, we seek to discover the root causes of presenting problems and design a recovery plan that is God-directed and believable. Also, we encourage you to actually embrace your healing as a process. With the Holy Spirit’s leading, plus the length and frequency of sessions, issues are addressed that may have never been explored.

  • What do you expect from me, the guest?

    We ask for 3 things from you: teachability, open, honest disclosure and people praying for you during your stay at HHP.

  • Where will I be staying during my visit to HHP?

    We have four locations: West Jefferson, NC, Huntersville, NC, Smith Mountain Lake, VA and Sanibel, FL. Each location has private suites. Each includes a private bedroom and a private bathroom. There is also a private counseling area. Each suite contains a mini-fridge, microwave, coffee pot, and toaster. In the Virginia location, guests enjoy a private suite, bathroom and kitchenette. Each location is peaceful, private and comfortable. We strive to provide a safe and restful environment conducive to the healing process.

  • What about transportation?

    Guests visiting the West Jefferson, NC location usually drive to West Jefferson or fly into the Charlotte Douglas Airport or Piedmont Triad Airport (in Greensboro). There are several airports within 2 hours from the ministry. We recommend that guests flying in, rent a vehicle so they will have transportation throughout their stay. Driving directions are emailed to guests prior to their arrival. If needed, an uber service is available for a fair rate. For other locations, please contact our office at (336)877-4443.

  • What will I need to bring?

    Nearly everything that you need is provided. Linens and kitchen utensils are provided. All guest quarters include a fridge, microwave, toaster and coffee pot. The evening meal is provided for you. You’ll need to bring comfortable clothes, toiletries, your Bible and a notebook. You will also need to bring the food you would like to prepare for breakfast and lunch, which is not provided by the ministry.

  • Is there paperwork that needs to be filled out?

    Yes, the Intake Coordinator will send you a packet of forms to complete prior to your arrival. A thorough life history form will need to be completed and sent to us a week before your visit. This will help us greatly in our preparation for your visit.

  • Does HHP take insurance?

    No. We do NOT accept insurance. Due to the biblical nature of our ministry, most insurance companies don't recognize us as a mental health counseling center.

  • What about follow up?

    Near the end an HHP visit, action and follow-up plans are drawn up for back home. Sometimes that includes phone appointments and suggested shorter follow-up visits to HHP.

  • Who comes to HHP?

    Our first calling is to those in full-time ministry, but over 50% of our guests are lay people referred by pastors, counselors and former guests. HHP in effect becomes a counseling ministry arm to the larger Body of Christ. People have come from 43 states and from at least 16 denominations, as well as various parachurch and independent organizations.

  • Do you offer alcohol and drug treatment?

    No, we are *NOT* a drug or alcohol treatment facility. However, if a guest has successfully completed a rehab program and maintained their sobriety for 60 days, we are more than happy to work with them.

  • Are cell phones and laptops allowed?

    Part of the process at HHP is getting away from your life so that you can “be still” before the Lord. Part of hearing the Lord is being quiet and setting aside distractions. For this reason, we recommend that you come to HHP unplugged. You may have your cell phone (however signal is not great at the West Jefferson location). You may make and receive calls during your visit, however, we encourage you to spend as little time as possible on the phone. Internet access is not available to guests. Guests can bring a laptop and go to one of the local businesses with Wi-Fi to check email.

  • Are you available for hourly sessions?

    We are available for local hourly counseling by appointment. The cost is $100 for a 90 minute session. To schedule an appointment call (336)877-4443 or (336)877-4453. We also work with clients that have been through our intensive program on an hourly basis via telephone or in person, if available. These sessions are typically 90 minutes long and the cost is $100 for individuals or $150 for a couple. Payment is due at the appointment. Appointments are made by contacting our Intake Coordinator at (336)877-4453.

  • Are you available for seminars?

    Over the years we have conducted countless seminars at various churches and other venues. We would love to come to you and minister. Some of the programs we have done in the past are marriage seminars, women's weekend retreats, inner healing workshops and leadership training. We customize a specific program based on your needs and input. Please contact us for more information.