The Characteristics of Love

What does love look like?
What does love act like?

Today, we're going look at one of the most famous and widely quoted chapters in the Bible — 1 Corinthians 13, The Love Chapter.

However, we're going to look at an unorthodox translation of the chapter. Instead of NIV, let's use the Mirror Bible: A selection of key New Testament texts paraphrased from the Greek to give us a fresh perspective. 

For the sake of emphasis, I'm going to separate out each verse.

Love is not about defending a point of view; even if I am prepared to give away everything I have ad die a martyr’s death; love does not have to prove itself by acts of supreme devotion or self sacrifice!
Love is large in being passionate about life and relentlessly patient in bearing the offenses and injuries of others with kindness.
Love is completely content and strives for nothing.
Love has no desire to make others feel inferior and has no need to sing its own praises.
Love is predictable and does not behave out of character.
Love is not ambitious.
Love is not spiteful and gets no mileage out of another’s mistakes.
Love sees no joy in injustice. Love’s delight is in everything that truth celebrates.
Love is a fortress where everyone feels protected rather than exposed! Love’s persuasion is persistent! Love believes. Love never loses hope and always remains constant in contradiction.
Love never loses its altitude!
— 1 Corinthians 13:3-8

The question is...

Is THIS love evident in your life?

The only way for this love to be evident in our lives is from the overflow of God.

It is impossible to love like this apart from a constant soaking and receiving of God's love.

You are a vessel that the love of God can flow through. The love doesn't originate from you. It begins with God. You receive then give.

You are a river.

Out of you flows a river of living water.

You are not a lake.

You can't just receive and not give. The water will stagnate.


It's easy to read this chapter and say, "I need to try harder to love like this."

The truth is you can't (by yourself) love like this. What you need is a deep revelation, understanding, and experience of God's love for you.

This isn't a one time deal. It is a daily filling.

Keep being filled.